Membership of Willowfield Credit Union is made up of people living and working within our common bond. Our aim in Willowfield Credit Union is to regularly improve on our services and procedures so as to give our Members the best service possible.

Information and  joining evenings usually every Tuesday and Friday evenings between 5.30PM and 7:00PM (due to Covid-19 Restrictions).

Common Bond

All Credit Unions have a common bond, something which unites its members. Here in Willowfield Credit Union our common bond is that our members must live or work within these areas.

Our common bond covers the following areas: BT5, BT6, BT8, BT23: BOUNDED BY LINE FROM Albert Bridge along Albertbridge Road along Albertbridge Road to its junction with the Newtownards Road AND; along the Newtownards Road to the Connswater River; along the Connswater Rivererto Dixon Park; along the edge of the Dixon Park to grand Parade; across; across grand Parade and along the border of Orangefield playing fields to the knock Road; across the Knock road down the Glen Road to the Ballygowan Road; along the Ballygowan road to Ballygowan at the junction of Saintfield Road, down Ballygowan Road along Belfast Road to Saintfield Road to Upper Knockbreda Road to cregagh Road; down the cregagh Road to Onslow Parade; along Onslow PARADE AND Ravenhill Park to the junction with ravenhill Road; across ravenhill Road to Park Road; along Park road to its junction with Ormeau to the river Lagan and along the river Lagan to the Albert Bridge.

A-Z Common Bond Consist Of The Following

A – Abetta Parade, Albertbridge Road, Albert Drive, Ampere Street, Ardenlee Park, Ardenlee Avenue, Ardenlee Place, Ardenlee Green, Ardenlee Close, Ardenlee Crescent, Ardenlee Way, Ardenlee Wood, Ardenvhor Street, Ardgowan Street, Ardpatrick Gardens, Avoniel Drive, Avoniel Parade, Avoniel Road, Avonorr Drive

B – Ballarat Court, Ballarat Street, Ballygowan Road, Ballykeel Road, Bapaume Avenue, Beachgrove Avenue, Beachgrove Crescent, Beachgrove Drive, Beachgrove Gardens, Beachgrove Park, Beachgrove Rise, Beersbridge Road, Bellbashford Court, Bendigo Street, Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield Crescent, Bloomfield Court, Bloomfield Gardens, Bloomfield Parade, Bloomfield Park, Bloomfield Park West, Breach Close, Brentwood Park, Broughton Park, Broughton Gardens, Bryansford Place, Burntollet Way, Burren Way,

C – Callan Way, Calvin Street, Camlough Place, Canada Street, Canning Street, Canton Court, Cappagh Gardens, Cappy Street, Carlingford Street, Carnamena Avenue, Carnamena Gardens, Carnamena Park, Carncaver, Carney Crescent, Carnforth Street, Carrington Street, Caseldona Crescent, Caseldona Drive, Caseldona Gardens, Caseldona Park, Caseldona Rise, Castlegrange, Castle Court, Castlehill Farm, Castlemore Avenue, Castlemore Park, Castlereagh Parade, Castlereagh Place, Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh Street, Chatsworth Street, Channing Street, Cherryville Street, Chesham Park, Chesham Gardens, Chesham Grove, Church Court, Church Lodge, Church Road, Church Wynd, Cicerd Gardens, Clara Street, Clara Crescent, Clara Avenue, Clara Park, Clara Way, Clarawood Park, Clarawood Grove, Clarawood Drive, Clermont Lane, Clonduff Drive, Cobury Street, Cooneen Way, Cranton Court, Crawford Park, Cregagh Court, Cregagh Park, Cregagh Park East, Cregagh Road, Cregagh Street

D – Danns Row, Delamont Park, Delaware Street, Dennet End, Donard Street, Donovan Court, Donovan Parade, Downshire Park Central, Downshire Parade, Downshire Park East, Downshire Park North, Downshire Park South, Downshire Road, Dromore Street, Drumragh End, Dublin Street, Dunvegan Street

E – Earl Haig Park, Earl Haig Gardens, Earl Haig Crescent, Edith Street, Elesington Court, Elmdale Street, Elmgrove Road, Espie Way, Euston Street, Euston Parade, Evelyn Avenue

F – Fashoda Street, Federation Street, Finsbury Street, Finvoy Street, Flora Street, Florida Drive, Florida Street, Flora Street, Flush Drive, Flush Green, Flush Park, Flush Gardens, Foxglove Street, Frank Street

G – Gibson Park, Gibson Park Drive, Gibson Park Gardens, Glencregagh Court, Glencregagh Drive, Glencregagh Park, Glencregagh Road, Glendower Street, Glen Road, Glensharragh Avenue, Glensharragh Gardens, Glensharragh Park, Glenside, Glentoran Place, Glentoran Street, Glenvarlock Street, Glenview Avenue, Glenview Crescent, Glenview Drive, Glenview Gardens, Glenview Hieghts, Glenview Park, Glenview Wood, Glenwherry Place, Gorse Hill, Gorsehill Close, Gorsehill Glen, Gorsehill Rise, Gotha Street, Graham Gardens, Grand Parade, Greenore Street, Greenway, Greenville Street, Greenville Avenue, Grey Castle Manor, Grillah Way, Grovefield Place, Grovefield Street, Grove Street East

H – Haddington Gardens, Halcombe Street, Halfpenny Mews, Hamel Drive, Hamel Mews, Hamilton Place, Harvey Court, Hatton Drive, Heatherbell Street, Hewitt Park, Hillburn Park, Hillmount Cottages, Hillsborough Drive, Hillsborough Gardens, Hillsborough Parade, Hillside Park, Houston Gardens, Houston Park, Hindsdale Park, Hughes Court, Hyndford Street

I – Imperial Drive, Imperial Street, Isoline Street, Isthmus Street

J – Jocelyn Avenue, Jocelyn Gardens, Jocelyn Street, Jonesboro Park

K – Keel Park, Keel Way, Kenbaan Court, Kenbaan Street, Kilbroney Bend, Kiliagan Bend, Killarn Close, Killowen Street, Kingsberry Park, Kingscourt Avenue, Kingscourt Crescent, Kingswood Street, Knockbracken Park, Knockbreda Drive, Knockbreda Gardens, Knockbreda Park, Knockbreda Park Mews, Knockbreda Road, Knock Road, Knock Eden Crescent, Knock Eden Drive, Knock Eden Grove, Knock Eden Parade, Knock Eden Park, Knockdene Park North, Knockdene Park South, Knockdene Park,

L – Ladas Drive, Ladas Walk, Ladas Way, Lancedean Road, Langtry Court, Lawnmount Street, Lead Hill, Lead Hill Park, Lead Hill View, Lichfield Avenue, Linen Court, Linen Gardens, Leitrim Street, Lisleen Road, Lismore Street, Lisnasharragh Park, Lisnasharragh Terrance, Lissan Road, Lissan Link, London Road, London Street, Loopland Crescent, Loopland Drive, Loopland Gardens, Loopland Grove, Loopland Parade, Loopland Park, Loopland Road, Lord Street, Lord Mews, Lower Braniel Road, Lower Mount Street, Lord Street, Lord Street Mews, Lovatt Street

M – McCaughan Park, McMullans Lane, Magaluf Park, Maghies Place, Manns Corner, Marlborough Heights,Marlodge Drive, Marshalls Road, Mayfair Avenue, Mayflower Street, Maymount Street, Merok Crescent, Merok Drive, Merok Gardens, Merok Park, Middle Braniel Road, Millar Street, Moneyrea Street, Moneyrea Road, Montgomery Court, Montgomery Road, The Mount, Mount Merrion Avenue, Mount Merrion Crescent, Mount Merrion Drive, Mount Merrion Gardens, Mount Merrion Park, Mount Street, Mount Street South, Moorfield Street, Moorgate Street, Mossbrook Road, Mourne Crescent, My Lady’s Road

N – Newry Street, North Bank, Northfield Rise,

O- Oakhill, Oberon Street, Ogilvie Street, Old Bakers Court, Omeath Street, Onslow Gardens, Onslow Parade, Onslow Park, Orby Chase, Orby Court, Orby Drive, Orby Gardens, Orby Grange Road, Orby Green, Obry Grove, Obry Link, Obry Mews, Obry Mills, Obry Park, Obry Place, Obry Street, Ormeau Embankment, Ormonde Crescent, Ormonde Gardens

P –Park Parade, Park Place, Paxton Street, Pearl Court, Pearl Street, Picardy Avenue, Pirrie Park Gardens, Pommern Parade, Pottinger Street, Portallo Street, Prince Regent Road

R – Radnor Street, Ranelagh Street, Rathmore Street, Ravenhill Avenue, Ravenhill Court, Ravenhill Crescent, Ravenhill Gardens, Ravenhill Mews, Ravenhill Parade, Ravenhill Park, Ravenhill Road, Ravenhill Street, Ravenhill Park Gardens, Ravenhill Reach, Ravenhill Reach Crescent, Ravenhill Reach Mews, Ravenhill Reach Park, Ravenhill Reach Park Gardens, Ravenscroft Avenue, Redcar Street, Reid Street, Richardson Court, Richardson Street, Rochester Avenue, Rochester Court, Rochester Drive, Rochester Road, Rochester Street, Rockland Drive, Rocky Road, Roddens Crescent, Roddens Gardens, Roddens Park, Rosebery Gardens, Rosebery Road, Rosebery Street, Rosetta Park, Rosetta Road, Rosetta Road East, Rosetta Way, Rosewood Park, Roslyn Street, Ryan Park

S – Saintfield Road, School Road, St Kilda Court, Shalom Park, Shamrock Court, Shamrock Place, Shamrock Street, Shelbourne Road, Sherwood Street, Sheskin Way, Shimna Close, The Silvergrove, Somme Drive, South Bank, Spring Place, Spring Street, Stirling Avenue, Stirling Gardens, Stirling Road, Stormont Crescent, Stormont Lane, Stormont Street, Stracam Corner, Straight (The), Sunderland Road, Sunwich Street, Swift Place, Swift Street

T – Tamery Pass, Tamery Street, Templemore Close, Templemore Place, Templemore Street, Templemore Avenue, Thiepual Avenue, Tildary Street, Titania Street, Toronto Street, Trassey Close, Trigo Parade, Trillick Court, Trillick Street, Tudor Avenue, Tudor Drive, Tullyard way

U – Ulsterdale Street, Uniondale Street, Upper Braniel Road, Upper Frank Street

V – Victor Place, Village Green (The)

W – Wayland Street, Walker Court, Willowbank Crescent, Willowbank Drive, Willowbank Park, Willowfield Avenue, Willowfield Crescent, Willowfield Drive, Willowfield Gardens, Willowfield Parade, Willowfield Street, Willowfield Walk, Willowholme Crescent, Willowholme Drive, Willowholme Parade, Willowholme Street , The Willows, Woodlee Court, Woodcot Avenue, Woodstock Link, Woodstock Place, Woodstock Road, Wynchurch Avenue, Wynchurch Close, Wynchurch Gardens, Wynchurch Park, Wynchurch Road, Wynchurch Terrance, Wynchurch Walk

How to Join

There are 2 ways to join Willowfield Credit Union:


You can join the credit union online on this website. You need to apply on the online membership form. You need to complete the form and submit the requested documentation online (see required documentation below) or by dropping it in to the credit union. When you apply online, we will then contact you via your email to obtain any further information and complete your application. Subject to a successful application, we will issue you with a membership number and you can start saving immediately. A joining fee of £2 is also payable on joining.

Online Membership Application

In Person (Current Covid-19 Guidelines apply)

By making an appointment in the credit union when both a membership form and nomination form and Death Benefit Rider can be completed in person. A joining fee of £2 is also payable on joining.

Download Membership Application Form

Documentation Required

All new members must provide photographic identification such as passport or drivers licence as well as confirmation of address such as a utility bill or bank statement. See below for a list of acceptable forms of I.D and proof of address. ·

Identity: Proof of Identity which must include a photograph and can be in the form of one of the following:

  • Current EU or UK Photo Card Driving License (full or provisional)
  • EU Member State Identity Card
  • Current valid signed Passport
  • Provisional valid UK Driving License (photograph version only)
  • Northern Ireland Electoral Identity Card
  • DRD Senior Citizen Smart Pass
  • 60+ Smart Pass

Address: Proof of Address must be current (no more than 3 months old) and may be in one of the following forms:

  1.  Utility Bill less than 3 months old including Gas / Electricity / Telephone (not mobile) / Water
  2.  Rates Bill / Payment
  3.  Bank or Building Society statement
  4.  Mortgage statement
  5. Local Council / Housing Association rent card or tenancy agreement
  6. State Benefit Book (pension / disability / child benefit)
  7.  Letter confirming eligibility to State benefit which is paid into a bank
  8. Only original documents can be accepted as valid.